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Brand new yarn! Madrona baby alpaca blend

Socks and shawls never felt so good! Experience the comfort and softness of this luxury blend of Baby Alpaca, Merino Wool, Bamboo and Nylon. Madrona comes in a ready-to-cast on cake (no winding needed!).

30% Baby Alpaca*, 30% Merino Wool*,

20% Bamboo Viscose, 20% Nylon

*EasyWash treated, allowing for delicate wash cycles

460 yards per 100 gram cake


Coterie Shawl by Jessica Ays - Knitting; 1-2 cakes

Frill Socks by ZwitchZ - Knitting, 1 cake

Waffle Cookie Socks by The Chilly Dog - Knitting, 1 cake

Sigyn’s Shrug by Kristina Olson - Crochet, 1-2 cakes

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