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Halloween Costumes - Knit & Crochet Pattern Links

Halloween costumes are known for being creatively crafted and handmade often wins the prize when it comes to this day of dress-up extravaganza. Whether you're one who puts it off to the last minute, or prefers to prep ahead, you've still got time to start knitting or crocheting a yarn-tastic costume to show off this year!

We've rounded up some of the best knit and crochet pattern links - some more elaborate, and some quicker projects too! Browse our top picks!

Halloween Wig - Get wig-gy with it! This pattern is versatile, as you can pair it up with almost any costume! Get the Free Pattern: CLICK HERE.

Instant Crochet Halloween Costumes - Another versatile pattern, this crochet pattern helps you create a variety of costumes....from cat ears, bunny ears, devil horns...Get the Free Pattern: CLICK HERE.

Unicorn Costume Pet Hat for Cats or Dogs - Unicorns are still all the rage! Now you can turn your cat or dog into the majestic unicorn they've always dreamed they'd be! Get the Free Pattern: CLICK HERE.

Viking Hat - Get ready to pillage for candy! This knit hat is perfect to customize for all ages / genders. Get the Free Pattern: CLICK HERE.

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