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Instant Gratification Knitting Projects

I often hear from novice-level knitters that they're comfortable tackling a scarf or maybe a hat, but unsure what other projects they can make that are quick, easy and stress-free. For me, some of my favorite knitting projects are what I like to call, "instant gratification" knitting projects, and are great for all-levels of knitters.

World's Easiest Fingerless Mitts

"This is a super easy pattern that you can easily make in one afternoon. It’s also a great stash buster!" Click Here for Pattern Link.

Sachet / Mini Gift Bag

"A quick and easy project." Click Here for Pattern Link.

Hopscotch Scarf

"With only a few different stitches used to create a repeated block of pattern, it’s also easy to work without having to stay glued to the pattern the entire time." Click Here for Pattern Link.

Dora Doorstop

"Featuring on-trend chevron stripes, it gives you the opportunity to exercise your knitting skills. If you don’t fancy tackling chevrons just yet, simply work your doorstop in a basic striped pattern." Click Here for Pattern Link.

Get Crafty!

Don't forget - you can always use scraps of leftover yarn for fun projects like these:

- Ombre Pom-Pom Rug

- Yarn Wrapped Planter

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