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Project Ideas for Handspun Yarn

Sometimes we fall in love with a skein a wonder....what could I make with this??

With handspun yarn, it can be intimidating when looking at the the unique textures - or limited yardages. Handspun yarn can, however, be used for almost any project currently on your queue - just pay attention to yarn weight, yardage and fiber type.

Here are a few free pattern links that would work up great with some handspun yarrn! Follow the links for more info & to download your copy.

Shoulder Warmer Cowl (*knit)

Easy Poncho (*knit)

Barley (*knit)

Seed Stitch Ear Warmer (*knit)

Movie Night Cocoon Cardi (*crochet)

Nana's Textured Pillow (*crochet)

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