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Soothing Arthritis Pains from Knitting and Crochet

While extra crafting hours can be exciting, sometimes longer hours knitting or crocheting can lead to aches and pains. If you're starting to notice new signs of stress on your fingers, wrists or joints, consider some of these common techniques to soothe your tired hands:

*This article is not intended to give medical advice or diagnose any condition. Please see your doctor if you have serious health questions or concerns.

*Don't forget to stretch - just like any other exercise, stretching can help warm up muscles and get them primed for use

*Try switching yarn! Are you knitting with cotton? Consider something with a little more stretch like wool or a wool/nylon blend

*Using bamboo needles or hooks? Try something new like our top-recommended Prym brand, with built-in ergonomic shaping

*Consider compression gloves to soothe and support sore muscles

*Loosen your grip - learn to relax a little more and go slower if needed

*Don't forget to rest! Take frequent breaks

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