• Allison Kloster

Summertime FLASH SALE! 50% two of our top warm weather yarns!

Just for fun…we’re offering a limited time summer CLEARANCE of two of our top warm-weather yarns! Beaches DK and Opium Palette yarn (both by King Cole) will be 50% off July 17th-19th!

Visit our website for pattern ideas & “virtual yarn shopping videos” showcasing each of these flash sale yarns.

Beaches DK - 278yds (Reg. Price $9) - SALE $4.50 / ea

Opium Palette - 273 yds (Reg. Price $8.50) - SALE $4.25 / ea


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*Free shipping offer is valid for order shipped to continental U.S. states. If shipping outside of that area, additional charges may apply.

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