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We’re celebrating the 4th with $4 deals & 40% off our Clearance section!

4th of July definitely feels a little bit different this year. Personally, I’ll probably be grilling at home, crafting *something* (of course) and keeping my pup company while she shivers from the noise of fireworks.

The exciting thing about the 4th of July in Oregon though, is that it really is the kickoff of summertime. And that’s something to celebrate. The days are longer, the sunshine is brighter and the fresh air feels so good!

In the spirit of celebration, we’ll be discounting our online Clearance section 40% off - and - we’ll have a selection of $4 deals available in store and online.

***If you’re planning on visiting the shop to take advantage of the sale, we still recommend shopping online first and choosing local pickup. You won’t get charge shipping and your order will be ready to go for either curbside or in-store pickup. We are currently limiting the number of visitors in the shop (1 group at a time) so there may be varying wait times if you want to shop in person.


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